king lears mind loss

blow wind like you want to flip a lorry leaving cracks on your cheeks, angrily! blow and cause a hurricane until you’ve drowned our churches,drown the wind chimes.explosive and dream killing fires thunder carrying  tree destroying thunder bolts. BURN MY WHITE HEAD!and then world shaking thunder burn the world flat thicker than the world.crack nature itself and all Germans spill at once , they make ungrateful men. rumble my bellyful spit fire spit rain.not rain wind or thunder fire are my daughters i didn’t mock you I owe you nothing I never was rude to you. So why let me fall, I am weak pathetic and a old man but yet obedint ministers.  That two of my children joined your battles so white and old ho ho is foul.

Shakespear uses personification to speak to the storm to express he is mad and wants  revenge for regen and goniril.  When king Lear walks outside he asks the weather to kill him acting like the weather is a human and obey his orders. Its kind of like king Lear is clinging on to his last power a trying to me order something thats not alive. This is how shakespeare uses personification in his plays.

letter to cordilia


Address : Florence

To Cordelia

I know you might not want to speak to me but I am truly sorry I have been a fool and have been over thrown by you’re two backstabbing sisters. If I was not gullible in that time and if I was smarter I would of gave you the best piece of land. My father once said “you never know what you’ve got until its gone” or some thing like that that. You have  been a blessing to us and I would hate to never see you again. I love you and I would never let you go please if you get this letter please reply. I’ve been on a guilt trip and had a vision. It told me that the one was good two was bad. I now know what that means. I was a fool I should not of let love go over honesty and kindness. I love you and cannot express it in word or actions it would mean so much to  if you came back.

Your two sisters overthrew me and took all the land I am now left poor , homeless with nothing left to my name I am humiliated as I got thrown over by two of my idiotic daughters. Your the only one that is my daughter I am truly sorry you deserve the land. I love you like I love tulips and being king. I’ve started ripping the heads teddy bears it gives me a warm tingling feeling. I banished you because I let greed take the most of me and wanted all the love. The fact was I would of given you all the land but you saying nothing and humiliating me in front of the whole court. It just infuriates me and the click is fast enough to turn a man insane. Two days after I banished you I started to feel angry with myself. It just wasn’t the same

Your smile waking me up. Cuddles whenever I feel down. I miss it and now your gone I want it back. How’s your life out in France have you met anyone yet. Found a new yet. Dress look yet. Enjoying the food the croissants maybe Wine living in a lap of luxury. I miss you please come back Regen and Goniril would probably love you to come back. Even though they overthrew me I will try give you all I can to make you happy and love you. If you ever do get this letter and come around or not just know I love you.


Yours sincerely your dad, Lear





Shakespeare essay (redo)


this is my essay on Shakespeare (redo) I will talk about Shakespeare’s play king Lear.

Shakespeare presents Gonirils love as false and manipulative to bent his will and lure him into a trap so she gets the most land.this way Shakespeare has made her a selfish greedy sister. her method is to lure her into a trap by using the words”Words cannot wield the matter I love you more than time space and liberty” this is called  false love. 

Cordelia  says nothing my love, which is weird because she means she cannot use words to express her love so she loves while being silent she actually deserves the most land as she is modest and calm about everything she also is a good leader and she cares about others.

Shakespeare has made king Lear like a gullible old man that is loving kind and sharing. he shares his land with the three sisters because he is retiring from being a king. as he shares his land  he asks” who doth love me the most”  this is why they are exaggerating their love. he also quotes “I am crawling towards death” which probably means he is either retiring or dying.

Regen says ” I find she names my deed of love only she comes too short” this mean that her love is too short to speak about but big enough to show g

parody of king lear

             The Sear family are in the Wembley stadium (owned                                                          by Mr Sear) and Mr Sear is heading                                                                                 towards retirement so he needs to get                                                                                  stuff off his chest  .                          This play is not to be taken seriously and is a joke.                                                                               DO NOT TAKE PERSONAL FEELINGS AND RATES


Mr Sear: we are in the WEMBLEY STADIUM!!!! pass me the blueprint we are going to split it up in three directions depending who loves me most.

Son Sear :  I love you as much as a thirteen year old would love  a man ( smile at Mr Sear)

Mr Sear: Lack a bit of animals the smile is nice enough to turn an ol’ man’s frown upside down.

Baby Sear: goo gagga mo nana. (wave’s her arms up and down once)

Mr Sear : HAHAHAHAHA (chokes while laughing) uhm urm sorry you’re a cutie wutie yes you are yes you are!

Baby Sear: (laughs like a baby)

Mr Sear: Lets our middle girl speak for love and land forever until you pass it on.(snigger)

Daughter Sear:  I kind of love you…


Daughter Sear: I kind of love you… I love you as much as a small ant would like to grow so he does not get stomped on. I love you…

Mr Sear: Awww  Daughter Sear gets the chairs Baby Sear gets the right side of the stadium and Son Sear.

This is a joke .Again.


                                                                                          The end

Zom b book reveiw

This is a book review of a book I read called zom b

As you can guess this is a zombie book. Its a good book and has several other epesodes. The auther is Darren shan also creator of several other books.

This is a book about a racist bullying thug of a father who vilontly attacks his son , b  and his wife. Zombies invade the news In a small town his , his dad thinks it is a publicity stunt to get money but its real. B is turning into his father , his worst nightmare. Also having nightmares of child eating babies,a weird owl man and a mutant at imperial war museum his life is taking a turn for the worst.

With unsuspecting gore , sad losses and a violent story line this book is easy to get lost in. Book is not rated for the squeamish hearts and under 10 years as it contains gore and strong language.

Most people die and turn into one of them in the end the racism get to him and kills his friend tyler.

Darren shan has made 2 other episodes. Darren shan underground, Darren shan in the city and Darren shan zom b.

The story takes a unsuspecting turn bewere…




My autobiography

This is me , Leon mills and I am going to tell you about my life and a bit about myself.

I was born in a small place called China walk (in my home to be exact). While my mum was pregnant my big brother and my dad were slightly worried(Shay was still the same). My birth was unexpected so it left people either running around like headless chicken or getting things done.

Unlike other people ii was not born in a cushy cosy hospitals but in my home in the kitchen so I know my home like the back of my hand. When I was born I’d met my brother my dad and my mum. My mum had given me milk because she was tired and annoyed because of the crying, I fell asleep until midday.

People call me the happy one because I was born on June 21st ( the summer solstice). The next day I was taken to see both of my Nan’s and family friends. They were all quite surprised because I was  supposed to be born 2 weeks later. They all were mostly talking about how cute my face looked( like all people do).

When I hit the one year mark I started getting taken to a lot more spots like my mums mum  house. That was an hour journey and this was when my mum had found out I had travel sickness. My mum had told me it was a pain In the backside. Great. When I was able to walk I could run down my passageway and back. My mum and dad were now convinced I could walk in shoes.

As I grew I was able to do more stuff with Shay like play catch or it or hide and seek.when I turned 4 my uncle was born his name is Jamie. He is my dads baby brother and the annoying one(in the cheeky way). From then my nan threw the idea of throwing a party and since then we’ve been able to talk more actually bond more. One day I was at my nans house and they had surprised me with a surprise party and I fell down. It was hilarious. I made my own baloon using colours and water.


When I turned six I started to get a bit more mature I was able to get silly with freinds go shopping with my dad ,also had my pictures taken for my bus pass and passport. From lifting some of the shopping bags to eating popcorn in the theatre I felt I was getting stronger, more capable to do stuff.

I turned seven, things were getting tougher, harder I started having to pile on the home work it felt my intelligence was getting to work exept my maths. My math was not good , my mum and dad thought I was just being lazy but recieved a letter home saying how I was going down in maths and offered me to go to a separate class along with a few others.

I’d done this until is finished primary and then my little brother was born Samuel then I’d started this school.

Who knows what will happen next…

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